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Containers that Don't Force You into a Box

When you need a product shipped, whether one time or on a regular basis, Airpack Crating Services, LLC. provides you with an avenue of transportation that is customized to the exact specifications you need. From crates that fit in the palm of your hand to those big enough for oversized loads, our durable crates give you a hassle-free way to get your shipment to its destination while preventing damage in the process. Our crating utilizes advanced technology, such as vapor barriers against moisture, and has gained the trust many companies in transporting valuable products such as:

Machine Parts | Printers | Pharmaceuticals | Patents | Boating Supplies

Superior Construction for Superb Results

As an I.S.P.M. 15 certified company, we use only the finest treated wood to ensure both compliance with international regulations and prevention of possible contamination. Additional options to protect your property include a vapor barrier that prevents moisture from causing damage and shrink wrapping to tightly seal your products and protect them from outside influences. Our crates reflect the expertise we hold in the area of woodworking, which is available to our clients should they need something specific crafted for them.